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Get to Know Us

mark_portraitLocated in Cincinnati, Ohio, Mama Made It Kettle & Gourmet Popcorn’s owner is Mark Whitworth. While building success in other fields, Mark developed a passion for the perfectly popped corn. He loved the taste and process but most importantly, how happy the traditional treat makes people. He gained expertise, honed his process and perfected his recipes. Inspired by his mother who had always encouraged him to pursue his dreams to make the most of life; in 2008 he opened Mama Made It.

Starting out at special events, demand grew quickly and it became evident that a regular location was needed. Mark chose Historic Findlay Market because of the diversity and friendly energy of the shoppers and vendors. The distinctive red tent and hypnotizing aromas coming from it were an instant hit! Mark realized there were other locations in need of a tasty natural snack. Cincinnati’s sports arenas were added to the Mama Made It locations. Local and visiting fans got hooked on the bags of deliciousness and nationwide demand exploded like a kernel in the kettle.

As customers continue to clamor for more, Mark is expanding the availability and varieties with a never-ending focus on quality and customer satisfaction. He invites you to follow Mama on Facebook and online to see what’s new. You can reach him at:
1801 Race Street, Cincinnati, Ohio 45202
(513) 257-7959